We have a total of 24 colours (click the colour tab) to choose from. 13 of these are white when the sign is turned off and coloured when the sign is switched on. The remaining 11 have coloured tubing so that when the sign is turned off it's still colourful and decorative.

We have 30 fonts on our builder, including cursive, block and double lined fonts, however we are not limited to these. If the fonts aren't quite what you're after let us know what you need and we'll make it happen!

Our custom sign maker is ideal for creating neon word signs, personalised name signs and neon light quotes. If you are looking for something a little different, such as a business logo sign, customised open sign, or unique neon artwork, let us know. We can do almost any font, shape, style and design - turning your vision into a neon masterpiece! Get in touch for our free design service.

Hanging your new neon light sign is super simple!  Neon Effect signs come with assembly instructions and include pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backboard so they are safe to transport and easy to install. Wall pins and a hanging kit are included FOC in every order.

Our standard LED neon signs are indoor signs but they are perfectly fine to use outdoors at events, parties, etc...provided they do not get wet. Our standard signs are not watertight and cannot be exposed to wet weather. If you intend to use your new Custom Neon sign outdoors in wet weather or for long periods of time please order an Outdoor Sign.

Unlike other brands who charge up to £30+, all Neon Effect signs come with a free remote which is automatically added at checkout! Our remote offers a range of brightness settings, ON & OFF option, and Party Modes which makes the light sign flash, flicker and pulse. They also allow you to dim the brightness of your sign, which can help with exposure when taking photos in front of your LED neon sign or when using it as a feature for a photoshoot.

1m of our LED neon will use approx. 3.6 watts of electricity p/hour. To put that into perspective, on an average UK electricity tariff, if the sign is on for 8 hours a day it would only cost 10-12p p/month. That is in comparison to the traditional glass neon, which uses approx. 60 watts of electricity p/hour.

LED flex neon has a low energy consumption rate, making them cheaper to power than real glass neons and vintage neon signs. They’re also long-lasting with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours (typically 10 years, or approximately 5 years continuous use). There are no toxic gases, no glass that can be broken, and the neon lights do not heat up so they are safe to touch.

Our turnaround time is usually 10-15 days. If your sign is urgent let us know the date you need it and we will ensure your light arrives in time. Find out more viaShipping & Returns page.

12v power supply: Plug types available for EU, UK, US, AU (select your plug type at checkout). The cable is a 2 meter transparent cable so that you can easily and discreetly power your sign. We can extend it to 3m for +£5.

Neon Effect branded packaging with extras: Free dimmer, remote, wall pins with screw kit, hanging kit and installation instructions.

We offer a 24 month warranty on all indoor signs and 12 months on outdoor.

We have developed our packaging to the point where we are very confident that it won't, but in the unlikely event of any damage please send us a photo within 7 days of receiving it and will replace FOC.

Yes! We will aim to return a high quality mock up within 1 working day. There is no obligation to order once you have received it.

We believe all LED neon signs should be offered for a fair price. Unlike our competitors we don't mark them up as much, yet offer the industry leading quality quality you will find from the market leading brands.

Our design, customer service and logistics teams are based in the UK (London/Birmingham), but the location of manufacture will depend on your order location and design specifications.

Each sign is made from high quality neon flex and mounted on to acrylic board. Our neon flex is made from PVC tubing with LED lights inside. This technique gives the illusion of traditional neon (hence the name, Neon Effect) with brighter, more intense colours, while being more durable and at a more affordable price.

5x style options:

'Cut To Shape' - most popular option that follows the shape of the design.

'Cut To Letter' - minimal option with hollowed out acrylic.

'Full Board' - a rectangular / square box around the design.

'Standing' - allows the sign to be freestanding.

'Open Box' - a new standing option with a more industrial look.

By default all of our signs are set onto clear acrylic, but we have other options such as black, metallic and a variety of colours. Please contact us for availability.

Yes and we love them! Depending on your needs we can print any design directly onto the acrylic. Combining LED with UV printing is great for including small details, making logos look more representative and generally making the signs look more like art pieces. Drop us a contact form to discuss your requirements in more details.

We are a UK VAT registered business and charge VAT on all UK orders. For non UK orders we do not charge VAT, but there may be additional charges depending on your location. Please contact us to discuss prior to ordering.